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Opstina Prilep

Municipality of Prilep (Opstina Prilep) is located in the western part of the Central Macedonia. It covers 1194,44 km2 from Pelagonia Plain, and has a population of 69.27 km2 population density. The municipality covers the area of Prilep and Prilep’s part of Mariovo. The municipality borders with the Municipality of Cashka, Dolneni, Kavadarci, Krivogastani and Novaci. 76 768 inhabitants live in the Municipality of Prilep. 73 351 live in the city. Most of the inhabitants are Macedonians, and a small number are Roma, Serbs, Turks and Albanians. Since the municipality is in the centre of Republic of Macedonia, the dialect is almost same as the standard Macedonian language.

opstina Prilep

The Government Bodies of the municipality are the Council and the Mayor. The bodies of the municipality are elected on the local elections. Today, a Mayor of Prilep is Marjan Risteski. The Council is a representative body of the citizens. It consists of 27 representatives of the citizens-advisers. The advisers elected President, who will organize the work of the Council, shall arrange and held meetings. The Consul has its own working bodies: committee for funding, budget and local economic development; urban planning committee for community activities and environmental protection; committee for activities and social rights of children; committee for statute and regulations; committee for marking significant events, famous persons and holidays; committee for natural disasters; commission for local government and committee for gender equality.

opstina prilep Mayor Marjan Ristevski-04.jpg

opstina prilep Mayor Marjan Ristevski

Prilep Mayor, Marjan Ristevski

The municipality Prilep is a member of ZELC (Association of Local Government), which was established in 1972, but reconstructed in 1995. ZELS has produced a model statute for the city of Prilep, as well as a forum for debate on it. The membership of the municipality under existing regulations ZELS is required. Municipal administration is organized for the finishing of activities under the authority of the bodies of the municipality. Municipal Administration is organized into sectors and departments. The Council may organize municipal inspection for carrying out inspection oversight on the activities in its jurisdiction.

The name of the municipality Prilep was first mention in 1014 according to history sources. The territory of this municipality was one of the most important crossroads in the Balkans.

Prilep as a city is highly economic developed. The soil in this area is good for producing tobacco, for this reason a large number of people produce tobacco, and the another name for the city is “Tobacco City”. Moreover, Prilep has metal industry, fabric and textiles industry and food industry. The area has marble mines from which pure white marble is dig out, called Macedonian Bianco Sivec. The City of Heroes, as it is known in the Republic has a huge history, more or less documented.

opstina Prilep

Inhabited places which belong to the municipality Prilep are Belovodica, Alinci, Berovci, Bonce, Beshiste, Veselcani,Veprcani, Volkovo,Vitoliste, Vrpsko, Golem Radobil, Galicani, Gugjakovo, Golemo Konjari, Dunje, Dren Dabnica, Erekovci, Zagorani, Zivovo,Kalen, Kadino Selo, Klepac, Kokre, Kanatlarci, Krushevica, Krstec, Lopatica, Lenista, Malo Konjari, Mazuciste, Malo Ruvci, Mal Radobil, Marul, Manastir, Novo Lagovo, Nikodin,Orevoec, Peshtani, Pletvar, Podmol, Polcishte, Prilepec, Prisad, Pakle, Smolani, Selce, Staro Lagovo, Trojaci, Topolcani, Toplica, Trojkrsti, Carevic, Canishte, Cepigovo, Cumovo, Sheleverci and Shtavica.

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