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Ekonomski Fakultet Prilep

ekonomski fakultet prilep faculty of economics The Faculty of Economics (Ekonomski Fakultet vo Prilep) in Prilep was founded in 1960. The Faculty is heir and prolonger of the creative tradition of Economic College which later became a faculty of economics. The Faculty works within the university “St. Kliment Ohridski” – Bitola. The goal of the Faculty of Economics is to educate student in the field of economics and business. It offers highly competitive and professionally-oriented educational programmes. These academic programmes correspond to the developmental trends in the country and outside world.

The Faculty of Economics offers six study programmes which are organized in two cycles. The programs are designed according to European Higher Education System. Each of these study programs provides adequate specialization in a particular area of economics and business. Also, the Faculty has made an education profile of staff in accordance with the needs of the economic market in Macedonia. Everyone could choose one of the following study programs:

- Business Administration – Management (3+2) – This program provides practice and knowledge that will help you to be able to manage business operation successfully;

- Accounting, Finance and Audit (4+1) – The program will give you quality and appropriate knowledge to you to become an expert in finance, accounting and auditing;

- International Economics and Business (4+1) – This study program will help you to specialize in international trade and finance;

- Marketing Management (4+1) – The program will provide knowledge and skills which will help you to manage the marketing activities of one’s companies successfully;

- Business Informatics (3+2) – This study program provides knowledge about the application of modern information technologies in managing business processes;

- Financial Management (3+2) – The program will offer you knowledge of managing financial resources in companies;

ekonomski fakultet prilep faculty of economics Furthermore, the Faculty has its own Scientific Research Centre. This Scientific Research Centre carries out many projects, and the major interests of the Centre are in the area of macroeconomics, socioeconomic relations, management, marketing, applied economics, finances and banking, planning, informatics etc. One part of this Centre has a tradition to publish in monographs or periodicals the educational work throughout the year. Every student has an opportunity to participate in specific research project.

Moreover, the Faculty of Economics has launched cooperation with several Universities and Faculties not only in the country, but in abroad as well. They have an excellent international exchange students’ programme, and every year the best students finish their exams abroad. The Arizona State University, the Universities in Sofia and Blagoevgrad, the Florida State University, the University of Sophia Antipolice Nice from France, many universities from Turkey, Ukraine, and Slovenia are some of the Universities which the Faculty of Economics cooperates. Also, the Faculty organizes different scientific conferences and forums.

The Faculty is located in a part of the city called Tocila, and it has all appropriate needs: huge parking space and surveillance. The Faculty has a modern design with many facilities in it. The amphitheatres and lecture rooms are contemporary with computers and audio-visual equipment with a capacity of 1800 seats. It has its own library which is well equipped and spacious reading room. The Faculty also has an Internet Cafe, free of charge. The Faculty has introduced and implemented European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The teaching staff is proven and highly academic. Furthermore, the Faculty always rewards the best students, and provides necessary conditions for practical work for every student.

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